For Professionals 

How can learning to listen to yourself help you help others

In this model of Focusing and in Internal Family Systems, the professional learns their own inner landscape first as a way to more skillfully relate to the client and as a way of helping the client come to know their own inner life. While the inner life is varied and wonderfully creative in its expression, there is also a general understanding of how the inner life operates that is predictable. This knowledge helps the professional anticipate how we all get stuck and how to relate in a way that moves us forward into our next steps.

I offer:

  • Individual sessions
  • Clinical Supervision for Social Workers – certified through Rutgers University
  • Customized one hour discussions for your group of professionals – you organize the group and I come to your facility – these are offered at no cost.  Together we identify stuck places with your clients and how these models may create a new pathway.
  • One day trainings
  • Extended trainings

*The work is extensive but briefer trainings can offer a useful paradigm shift that can be immediately helpful to practitioners and their clients.