Upcoming trainings

One day focusing training
For those with some experience/understanding of focusing and are looking for next steps into deepening with focusing
and understanding the intra-psychic life. We will be diving right into the step by step partnering practice so that you can get a feel for the
way focusing lives in your body and ask questions and work through together how to navigate places where focusing might not be flowing.

Date to be announced:
February 24
March 10
March 24
Merchantville, NJ area
Cost $111
Beginning focusing for the mental health or healing professional
Learn focusing for yourself and how that knowledge and awareness can be applied to those you are helping.
September start.
Beginners group – on request 
Currently teaching: 

Emotional Eating group currently running – 9 weeks begins Tuesdays, January 3rd from 10:00 am – 12:00
Will learn inner listening skills and group will practice listening more deeply to their issue of emotional eating.
The Center, Life in Balance, Medford, NJ.
$30 per session