Annie is a teacher and therapist who works with a person's live inner process in order to assist it in moving in the direction it's inclined toward.

Coming to accept what is

I overheard someone understandably and regretfully recounting an accident- a branch had fallen on his car. What I heard from the conversation was, “IF only I had…”Six inches more to the right and it wouldn’t have happened…” He was struggling to accept circumstances that were out of his control, circumstances that had already come to bear.

Life, in all its patience, brought this conversation into my awareness as a gentle reminder of the importance of bringing to bear whatever Life is asserting for me right now.

I see the parallel: We are taught in beautiful, deep inner listening, to own and accept internally whatever presents itself. We don’t have to love it but we don’t push away any inner state. We learn through listening from an expanded place, to begin to take up for what is ours, no matter how much it might cost us or seem like “a problem.” We open, when we can and bring our own Presence to what’s here, to what Life itself is presenting, externally and internally. And if all the planets are lined up and we are able to find our seat in deep Presence that day, we see the perfection in the prescription.


The order of change

We may begin deep listening with the hope that something inside that is angry, scared or hurting will change. But it is not the angry, scared or hurt place that changes first. We change first, by learning to relax in the way we hold our anger, fear or hurt places. Next as we relax into this new relationship, our perception of what inside is angry, scared or hurt begins to change. We become so intimate with these places, when we are seeing clearly we recognize their perfection and lose our investment in our worry about change. And then, in its own time, if we are providing just the right dose of accepting, expansive attention, the angry, scared or hurt place can finally begin its own process for change.


Recovering our lost self

It’s with shamanic energy that we recover our deepest wounds from the recesses of our psyche. We can’t go in without first being rooted in our center. Anything less we risk becoming distracted by false promises of our inner protectors meant to divert us from entering into the well of our pain. And while it’s easy to understand not wanting to enter into the abyss of age old wounds, we can compare that temporary disillusionment and despair to living an entire life with a limited ability to receive and express love.

Once gaining the trust of our fierce protectors we can next move closer to our lost self. With the wings of Archangel Rafael on our back we make known to this most vulnerable one inside the power and safety which we bring to this holy ground.

Our cells must carry the single focused message that we are here to stay, always. Our presence entrenched in love allows for this wounded one to open and tell his story of shame, share his full-hearted losses, tears and despair. He can bring to us all he has because our warrior heart has been conditioned to meet his deepest ache.

(Image by Lee Lawson)


Grounding ourselves in nature

When we are overwhelmed and can’t hold presence for ourselves, nature offers itself as a grounding force.
The deep silence and beauty found in the awe of nature becomes a capacious container awaiting the emergence of the long-forgotten inner young ones that carry more than they can bear.


Accepting our natural resistance to change

Through deep inner listening, we awaken by experiencing our identity no longer as our personality and wounding but as part of the infinite and ever changing field of Love and liquid. It is from this field of Love, our rightful home, that we then turn toward our hurts with an ease and grace and spaciousness that envelops and warms and opens to raw places and soothes sharp edges, like water over rock.

With all the challenges of being human and living a life through a personality on this planet one would think we would easily take up residence in this welcoming space. But something inside most of us resists change. Even in the sweet face of positive change, we may clamp down, holding our place in the familiar like a dog digging his heels in.In focusing, that place that resists, like anything we meet inside, receives a warm hello and welcome from the womb-like expanding/contracting waves of warmth called Presence, surrounding it like it’s its baby.