Coming to accept what is

I overheard someone understandably and regretfully recounting an accident- a branch had fallen on his car. What I heard from the conversation was, “IF only I had…”Six inches more to the right and it wouldn’t have happened…” He was struggling to accept circumstances that were out of his control, circumstances that had already come to bear.

Life, in all its patience, brought this conversation into my awareness as a gentle reminder of the importance of bringing to bear whatever Life is asserting for me right now.

I see the parallel: We are taught in beautiful, deep inner listening, to own and accept internally whatever presents itself. We don’t have to love it but we don’t push away any inner state. We learn through listening from an expanded place, to begin to take up for what is ours, no matter how much it might cost us or seem like “a problem.” We open, when we can and bring our own Presence to what’s here, to what Life itself is presenting, externally and internally. And if all the planets are lined up and we are able to find our seat in deep Presence that day, we see the perfection in the prescription.

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