The Inner Relationship

Connecting to self through focusing: A deep listening,body-centered, self-change process

Deep listening can help with issues such as:
Becoming present and more accepting toward your own feelings
Loosening stuck patterns of behavior like lashing out with anger or apathy
­   toward things that are good for us
Reducing anxiety
Rediscovering passions in our lives
Relieving depression and even discovering its gifts
Stopping inner criticism
Moving beyond guilt over past situations

What is deep inner listening?

It is a skill anyone can learn in which we access the body’s wisdom through attentive listening. In a session we begin by simply inviting a life issue. After inviting the life issue, for example of a perpetual frustration you experience with your partner, you’ll learn how to create a safe space inside to allow for your body’s fresh, felt meaning and creative response.

Through bringing gentle awareness to our inner life and becoming connected to what is alive in the body in a focusing way, a new, meaningful perspective is shown to us. That which had been unseen, unknown and unacceptable becomes seen, heard, felt, allowed and known often in surprising and always in manageable ways. This connection can bring a felt shift to the body, a change in perception about ourselves, others and our circumstances and a difference in the way we show up in life.

Welcome to deep inner listening!

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker I combine psychoanalytic therapy, Inner Relationship Focusing and Internal Family Systems in my practice. I am a certified focusing-oriented teacher and therapist through the International Institute for Focusing. I believe and practice living with the awareness that the essence of who we are is good. My interest is in helping others to discover that truth for themselves by learning how to listen more deeply inside.

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