The Inner Relationship

Connecting to self through focusing: A deep listening,body-centered, self-change process

Deep listening can help with issues such as:
Becoming present and more accepting toward our own feelings
Loosening stuck patterns of behavior like lashing out with anger or apathy
­   toward things that are good for us
Reducing anxiety
Rediscovering passions in our lives
Relieving depression and even discovering its gifts
Stopping inner criticism
Moving beyond guilt over past situations

What is deep inner listening?

A skill anyone can learn in which we access the body’s wisdom through attentive listening. In a session we might begin by simply inviting a life issue. After inviting the issue, we’ll learn how to create a safe space inside for that issue in order to allow for the body’s fresh, felt meaning and creative response.

Deep inner listening is a gentle, step by step process that teaches us how to come into direct contact with all aspects of ourselves. With a soft attentiveness, we discover the doorway into the inner life and learn that even places inside that first appear critical or resistant are part of a system of inner parts that are all actually working to help protect us in the best way they know how and for really good reasons. The ineffective ways the parts interact with each other and the lack of clear awareness we have about these interactions, keep us from feeling free to choose that which makes us truly happy and we find ourselves repeatedly feeling defeated and stuck in age old patterns of thoughts and behavior. With this skill, we finally see that we are not these parts and they are not our enemy. By learning how to bring a deep and abiding presence to these challenging inner places, a new, more harmonious relationship is naturally formed, allowing us to choose our behaviors, to show up in the world more authentically, available to ourselves and others. The body guides the pace and direction of the listening so the process is naturally gentle and uniquely right for each person. This process can be integrated with other healing modalities such as energy work, yoga, art or psycho therapy, meditation…

Discover how this kind of listening helps shift many issues such as action blocks, compulsive behaviors, codependency, feelings of unworthiness, fear of intimacy and loneliness, critical voices, depression and anxiety, unresolved grief and unlived desires. Deep listening is useful with people who: feel overwhelmed with intrusive thoughts and feelings during meditation, have difficulty making decisions, experience health challenges, would like a practice to use with or between psychotherapy/healing sessions, are not feeling able to live up to their full potential, desire a greater self-awareness. This work is not for someone who is looking for a quick fix for a long standing problem.  It does though allows us to resolve habitual patterns that can sometimes be or reveal the solution to our problem.

Is it the same as meditation?

People often ask if deep listening is like meditation. In meditation, one quiets and turns inward. When something arises during meditation, the practice is to notice it and let it go. In deep listening, one quiets and turns inward. When something arises, the practice is to notice it and engage it in relationship.



Inner relationship focusing has done more to move me forward in my life in a positive way than any other therapeutic process that I have experienced and I have tried many. In the past, I was always looking for ways to heal myself/change myself but this process has actually given me back energy or parts of myself, if you will, that have been lost to me, frozen in time since the original woundings of my past. Making these connections with parts of myself, I feel more whole- more the person I was meant to be. In instructing in the art of inner relationship focusing and companioning, Annie is an expert: knows this stuff inside and out, intellectually for sure but more importantly emotionally and spiritually. She is compassionate, loving and very trustworthy.
I believe the changes I have gone through have happened because I was willing to trust Annie enough to let go into the process and allow myself to be guided by Annie’s expertise. Once in the process, this precious thing we call presence did the rest. – – Karen M, Collingswood, NJ. 


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